Frequently Asked Questions

It is a good idea to have a few copies of the manual deed in case you are not able to login to the MVSE platform. Do not forget the Participant Details form also. Once you have completed a manual deed, scan and email it to [email protected]. and we can upload it for you.

People who are intoxicated cannot legally enter into a contract and intoxication thereby makes the contract voidable. It is a good idea to ask for a contact number and advise the patron that you will call them the next day to make a time for them to come and complete a self-exclusion deed.

ClubSAFE provides training via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. You can send an email request for training to [email protected] and we will organise a training session for your team. The training is generally about 1 hour.

We require a passport style photo, no caps or sunglasses and head shot only. Take a photo of the patron on your smart phone. Email it to your work email address and save it on your desktop as a medium Jpeg file. When you get to uploading the patron's photo, drag or upload from your desktop. We suggest you delete the patron’s photo after you have uploaded it.

There are over 3,000 gaming venues in NSW. It would be too hard for venues to be able to track their self-excluded patrons if the patron has an exceedingly large number of venues on their deeds. Also, our aim is to support patrons to incorporate all forms of help - including counselling. The venue limit gives us an opportunity to encourage patrons to seek help with counselling in conjunction with their self-exclusion.

Yes, you can. Once you have submitted a deed with the 35-venue limit, MVSE admin is triggered with an override button. You can contact us, and we can override the venue limit. Each deed (with 35 venues) must be submitted before the override is triggered.

No. For the reasons above, it is too hard to detect so many people. In unique and very sensitive situations, where there is risk to a patron, MVSE admin will undertake a state-wide exclusion but it’s a substantial job. In the past 11 years since MVSE was developed, we have done this twice.

If a patron asks for an early termination (or revocation) of their self-exclusion agreement, please give the patron the number for ClubSAFE (1800 99 77 66). We will advise the patron of the requirements for revocation. The revocation process is set out clearly in Section 6 of the deed and granting a revocation is at the discretion of ClubSAFE.

You can lodge a breach by accessing the patron’s profile and clicking on ‘Report a Breach’. Fill out details of venue, time and date and a brief description of what happened. Please include a contact person and number/email. Once you hit submit, the notification goes to all venues on the patron’s deed.

It is important to lodge breaches for several reasons - it encourages all venues to be vigilant when a customer is breaching their self-exclusion agreement; it demonstrates that venues are adhering to their obligations in detecting and removing excluded patrons; it is best practice; it is a requirement that venues take all reasonable steps to detect and remove excluded patrons.

Currently, there is no legislation covering 3rd party exclusion and self-exclusion must be entered into voluntarily and without duress. This may change in the near future. ClubSAFE has a process for supporting 3rd party requests for exclusion. Please give the requesting party the ClubSAFE number – 1800 99 77 66 and we will work with the family and the venue. Alternatively, if the person requesting the third-party exclusion agrees, you can take their contact details and to provide them to ClubSAFE so that we can call them.

MVSE - Manual Deed

The above venue radius search and manual deed documentation can be used in conjunction to facilitate a self-exclusion should the MVSE site be inaccessible.

This documentation is for use of Counsellor and Club facilitators only.

Hotels should call 1800 99 77 66 for all self-exclusion enquiries.


  • 35 is the maximum number of venues that can be selected for self-exclusion
  • If the client requires more that 35 venues, please call 1800 99 77 66
  • Ensure that 2x Self Exclusion deeds are printed and signed by both the client and yourself as the facilitator and custodian.
  • Don’t forget to obtain the clients photo.
  • Enter the client information into the MVSE website as soon as possible.

As the facilitator, you need to keep the original signed deed.
The second copy is for the client to take away for their records.

When access to the MVSE website is again possible, enter the gathered information into the Deed Wizard, upload the client photo and click ‘Accept’.

Contact the MVSE administrator to have the online deed updated so that the commencement date reflects that of the original signing date.

To do this forward the following information to: [email protected]

  • Client Name/ Event ID
  • Original Signing date of the Manual Deed
  • Clients desired duration of self-exclusion

Contact MVSE Administration to assist with any access issues you may be experiencing on the MVSE website:
Email: [email protected]
Direct: 02 9268 3013